Phase 1 Q3 2022
• Introduce Socials and Website!
• 850 OG/WL spots to be distributed among the community members through various activities. (OG, WL, and early supporters receive a discount on mint prices and quantities they can mint).
• Sneak peeks
• Build an authentic community through various activities, engagements, and giveaways
• Collaborations with other projects to raise awareness and build the platform for future partnerships
• Release of the collection called Chippys, supply of 5000 chips Season 1 supply is 2500
• Verification of project with Policy ID on secondary markets and make rarity search tool available on CNFT.Tools after drop.
• Some Chippys will have special roles/classes in their metadata, there are benefits associated with these roles/classes and more details will be announced after mint. (perks and prizes)
• Allocation of funds towards future project developments and marketing with full breakdown released.
• Implementation of rebate system with 6% royalty. 50% of royalties will be distributed among holders through raffles and/or tournaments every month/quarter.
Phase 2 Q4 2022
• Metaverse land purchase, development, and partnerships with other projects and metaverses.
• Onboard blockchain developers to work on the platform/protocol (for more info visit
• Continue establishing the brand and marketing by keeping the community engaged and offering giveaways and incentives to our supporters, collaborations, and partnerships
• Cardano slot machines collection (1250 fully assembled slot machines) Comes in parts and 2 matching parts have to be put together in order to assemble a full slot machine.
• Launch staking for chippys and slot machines to earn $CC (chippys will start accumulating $CC right after mint)
• Season 2 chippy collection with their own unique set of perks (supply of 2500)
• Limited edition Cardano Casino deck of cards collection for holders!
Phase 3 Q1-Q4 2023
• Free Chippy metaverse characters airdrop to chippy holders (Vox and/or other compatible characters/assets to interact with casinos).
• Dice collection (Dicey) drop of 1000 with perks
• Protocol updates/testing/release
• Focus on building value around $CC token and raising awareness on services and products offered
• Start exploring opportunities for our holders to interact with our casino utilizing tokens from projects they love and hold!
• Start the development of our mobile game
• Cardano Casino merch drop.
Please refer to NFT Collections for further utility guides.