Token ticker
Distribution will happen over the span of 24

Max supply

To be revealed


Fixed Supply

Policy ID

To be revealed Holder and community rewards ~20% Holders can claim tokens bi-annually and will depend on the amount of pieces held and the period of time they were held for
Staking ~20%
Staking rewards claimable by [CC] stake pool delegators. The amount of $CC bonus will be determined by: ADA staked x epochs staked since last claim period. $CC allocation will be redeemable irrespective of whether the delegator is a CC NFT holder or not.
We plan to make it possible for $CC to be staked for other rewards.
DEX Farming and liquidity ~15%
Around 15% allocated to DEX farming and pool liquidity.
Reserves ~5%
For the unexpected to preserve the project.
Team ~15%
To be distributed among the team and advisors with vesting periods implemented.
Development ~25%
A funding stream for Cardano Casino development: marketing, infrastructure, new hires, bug bounties & Accelerator, etc.