Meet The Team

Arash, 28 years old born in Iran and currently reside in California. I have a degree in business and accounting, 3-5 years of sales and management experience, and have been in the space since 2020. I believe cryptocurrencies and Cardano in particular allow for transparency and for people to be in control of their finances and decisions they make.
My goal is to always have a positive impact in life. Co Founder and Lead Artist
Mac, 23 from Malaysia is an emerging artist who specialises in illustrations and 3D Modeling and has experiences in several well known NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain.
Cardano has changed his life as an artist and he hopes to contribute more into the ecosystem with his skills. Artist Mochi is also from Malaysia, specialises in illustrations, and has experience with Project 2090. Marketing/Promoter Lim, is a doctor/student/marketer who has been involved with multiple projects on Cardano and other chains and provides us with updates and information requested by the team. Fayde, is an experienced marketer and also crypto currency trader. Minting Dev Castor is a successful developer who is moving to the U.S in order to pursue his dreams further and believes in web 3 and Cardano.