Our Vision

Cardano Casino is a collection of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain aiming to build a platform that allows users to play Casino/Card games as "The House" or "player", provide liquidity, pay fees, stake, and place bets. We will be building on multiple metaverses, allowing our members to interact with, rent(using chippys), and play a role in the future of this project! Weekly/monthly tournaments and raffle giveaways while development is happening. Variety of perks, collections, and merch drops to look forward to!
Our platform will aim to allow for peer to peer bets and other cryptocurrencies to be utilized. As web3 advances to its next stage, cross-chain solutions will be developed which gives us the ability to further expand the scope of the platform by allowing other cryptocurrencies to be converted into gambling chips in effort to make our platform more inclusive. Full transparency is key as we build our on-chain solution!
We want to actively promote kindness, inclusion, and productivity in our community/world.